Road Docket Index (1729-2001)

Beginning with the formation of Lancaster County in 1729, farmers needed roads to bring their goods to market and to reach the Courthouse from rural parts of the County.  Downtown residents needed new streets as the city limits gradually expanded outward.  New roadways were first petitioned, viewed, approved, and laid out in the Quarter Session courts and recorded in Road Dockets.  Road Dockets show the names of road petitioners, adjoining land owners, and description of the roadway.  Hand-drawn maps of proposed roadways were recorded as well.  The Road Docket Index provides the Road Docket Book number, page of recording and width of proposed road.

Search Tip:  Road Dockets are arranged alphabetically by the township or borough name where the road was originally proposed and then chronologically by date recorded.  Use the bookmark feature within the index to quickly navigate to the appropriate township or borough.  Please provide the Road Docket volume and page number when requesting references. 

Lancaster County Road Docket Index Series