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Searching historical government records begins with finding the right index.  Historical indexes are the finding aid to thousands of records within the Lancaster County Archives.  Many indexes were originally kept by courthouse clerks over a century ago.  When searching indexes, always examine all surname spelling variations as names were often recorded simply by how they were interpreted by courthouse clerks.  Turn pages of the past by searching our online historical indexes on the left menu!  
Find something? Send us an email at archives@lancastercountypa.gov with your reference and collection and we’ll get in touch with you.  *Archives staff cannot perform research for you but will check available indexes for specified time frames. 

Genealogy Records Quick Guide

 Genealogy Quick Guide: Lancaster County Archives

Deed & Property Records

Deeds were recorded beginning on May 10, 1729 when the County was formed.  Deeds are excellent sources for locating an individual at a specific point and place in time.  They are also vital links in researching the history of an old home.

Digital images of all historical deeds and indexes since 1729 are available through the Lancaster County Recorder of Deeds:

Lancaster County Recorder of Deeds   


Historical Maps

Search property addresses to view modern parcels and roadways over historical maps of Lancaster County from the first eighteenth century land purchases in Pennsylvania to the end of the nineteenth century.  Historical maps include the warrantee (1700s), 1824, 1864, 1875 and 1899.   

Lancaster County Historical Map Viewer

Strasburg 1899 Map View