Bridge Docket Index (Commissioner)

In 1877, Lancaster County Commissioners completed the extensive task of naming, numbering, and compiling historical information about the numerous County owned bridges.  The result of this work is known as the Bridge Docket collection which provide a record of construction history, bridge builder, year built, and provide maintenance/repair history.  Historical photos of the bridge are also included in the dockets.  Bridges are indexed by name of waterway that the bridge crosses and the commonly known bridge name.  Bridge numbers associated with each bridge may have changed over time when bridges were rebuilt or replaced. Complete docket page and photographic images can be requested by providing the docket and page number. 

Lancaster County Bridge Docket Index (Commissioner)

Bridge Docket Index (Commissioner)

A searchable photograph catalog of Lancaster County bridges is available at the following link:  

Lancaster County Archives Bridge Photo Collection  

Pinetown Bridge1