Birth Registrations (1881-1906) (Lancaster City)

In compliance with state laws, Lancaster City residents reported births to the Board of Health during this time period. Like the earlier birth registrations, these records are an important resource for finding birth records prior to 1906 when Pennsylvania began keeping these records. However, not all Lancaster City births were recorded in this register and researchers should consult church records for additional sources.

This register shows a diverse cross section of Lancaster City families during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. A variety of social classes are represented from rag peddlers to wealthy tobacco merchants. Some names in this register are still well known in Lancaster City today. They are families that eventually went on to forge successful businesses in Lancaster City such as Herman Wohlsen (carpenter) (pages 81, 118, 174, and 313), F.W. Woolworth (merchant) (pages 44 and 90), P.T. Watt (page 36), Joseph Wacker (brewer) (page 54),  Ezra F. Bowman (watch dealer) (page 71), James Shand (merchant) (page 125), Albert M. Zahm (jeweler) (page 51), C. Emlen Urban (architect) (page 162), and William H. Hager (merchant) (page 161).  

This index includes only the child’s name, date of birth, and page number from the original record. When a child’s first name was not given in the original record only the father’s last name is indexed. When a father’s name was not given, the record is indexed under the mother’s last name. Consult the original record for parent names, occupation, residence, and name of physician.

Registrations Index

Lancaster City Birth Registrations Index 1881-1906