Military Discharges Index 1864-1947

In the years following the Civil War, legislation was passed in 1868 that soldier discharge papers be recorded in Recorder’s offices across Pennsylvania counties.  Veterans came to the Courthouse to record their military discharge papers for safekeeping.  Prior to recording, the soldier appeared before an alderman or justice of the peace to affirm an oath of identity which verified they were the same person that completed the military service.  Original military discharge papers were given back to the soldier after recording at the Courthouse.       

Military Discharges are recorded copies which provide the name of military regiment, date enrolled, place of birth, age, occupation, and date/conditions of discharge.  Records also provide a physical description of the soldier.  Military Discharges are public record 75 years after the date in which they were recorded.  Contact the Recorder of Deeds for more recent Military Discharges.      

Lancaster County Military Discharge Index 

Military Discharge Index