Marriage License Index (1937-1972)

Beginning in 1885, Pennsylvania counties were required to keep records of marriages.  Marriage license applications were recorded at the Courthouse in large docket books.  Separate index books were originally kept for the bride and groom.  

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Lancaster County Historical Marriage License Index Series

Bride Index (1937-1945)

Groom Index (1937-1945)

Bride Index (1946-1951)

Groom Index (1946-1951)

Bride Index A-G (1952-1972)

Bride Index H-R (1952-1972)

Bride Index S-Z (1952-1972)

Groom Index A-G (1952-1972)

Groom Index H-R (1952-1972)

Groom Index S-Z (1952-1972)