Sheriff Deed Index (1825-1905)

A sheriff sale was the final step following a court order to take an individual’s property after failure to pay civil judgments filed against them.  The grantor is the individual whose property was taken and sold at sheriff sale.  The grantee is the individual that purchased the advertised property.  Sheriff deeds may be the missing link in a chain of title for house history research.  Researchers should search regular deed records through the Recorder’s website for more property information:     

Search Tip:  Sheriff Deed indexes are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the surname of the grantor and grantee.  Use the bookmark feature within the index to quickly navigate to the appropriate surname section.  Please provide the recorded book volume and page number when requesting references.  Sheriff deeds were recorded in regular deed books beyond this time frame. 

Lancaster County Sheriff Deed Index (Grantor and Grantee)

Sheriff Deed Index Grantor

Sheriff Deed Index Grantee