D.F. Buchmiller County Park

Buchmiller County Park is named for Dulon F. Buchmiller who donated the property to Lancaster City in 1922. The County of Lancaster acquired this 79-acre park in 1977. Located in West Lampeter Township, Buchmiller Park is known for its open lawn areas and beautiful plantings. View the park map to see the different parts of the park.

Facilities & Activities

There is a variety of facilities and activities that you can enjoy at Buchmiller Park.

Pavilion 32

There are three pavilions located at Buchmiller Park. Each has a unique setting:
  • Pavilion 31 is surrounded by well-maintained lawn.
  • Pavilion 32 has picnic tables inside, as well as on a side terrace.
  • Pavilion 33 is nestled among trees and a beautiful garden.

Tennis courts
Pickleball Courts

Buchmiller has six pickleball courts that can be used free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.


Equipment (a net and ball) will only be rented along with a pavilion. A $75 security deposit is required for equipment rental, while a nominal fee will be charged per day. The security deposit is refundable when the complete set of equipment is returned.

Disc golf course
Disc Golf Course

There are only two public disc golf courses in Lancaster County, and ours is a full 18-hole course. This game is easy to play and fun for the whole family. The rules are similar to those for regular golf - each throw counts as a stroke. Players throw until their disc goes in the yellow basket, or hole. The player with the least number of total strokes wins.


Children of all ages can enjoy this playground complete with tot and regular swings, slides, a bridge, and several climbing features.