Garden of Five Senses

Bordered by woods to the south and lawn to the north, the Garden of Five Senses sits on a hill overlooking the Conestoga River. The garden is open to the public year-round. The garden's paved walkway easily accommodates strollers and wheelchairs.

About the Garden
As its name implies, this garden provides stimulation for all the senses. The garden is resplendent with color throughout the year, and during spring and summer, its flowers provide a bouquet of scents. Visitors can also test their sense of smell by trying to identify mystery scents at stops along the garden's path.
Visitors can relax to the music of singing birds and the rippling of a human-formed water fountain, waterfall, and stream that runs through the garden.

Interpretive signs along the garden's meandering walkway explain how each of our senses works and how we and other animals use them to survive. These signs are also written in Braille.


This lush ornamental garden features a gazebo, which is ideal for weddings, and other private group functions. The surrounding lawn can accommodate over 100 hundred people, and the gazebo has electrical service. For rental information, view the Fee Schedule.