American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

The Second Round of Community Requests have closed as of 8/31/2023.

LIST of all community projects submitted for consideration.

GRAPH showing the type of project submitted.

Approved Allocations to Date.

ARPA Funding to see an Excel spreadsheet breakdown.

6/1/23 ARPA Spending Charts to see how money was used.

Below are complete community ARPA Funding applications that have been reviewed by the ARPA Committee, to date, and will be brought in front of the Board of Commissioners for review during an up coming public meeting.

East Cocalico Township Authority - Meadowbrook Area Sanitary Sewer Rehab and Water Main Replacement.

East Cocalico Township Authority - Water Treatment Facility Upgrades

East Cocalico Township - Box Culverts

Lancaster County Conservation District - Clean Water Partner Projects (Priority projects only)

Martic Township  - Enola Low Grade Rail Trail Crossing

West Lampeter Police- Install Fencing around police/public works vehicles

West Lampeter Township - Install sidewalks on Village Road

Conestoga Fire Company - Replace 13 air packs

East Cocalico Police - Replace 6 vehicles

Lafayette Fire Company - Replace 40 radios

Lancaster EMS - Replace 3 power lift stretchers

Lancaster Township Fire Company - Build a new fire station

Mastersonville Fire Company - Replace 1 quick response service vehicle

ALPHA Personal Care Homes - Repair of 11 facilities

Bausman Place - Build low income housing units

Community First Fund  -  Financial development center

Community Memorial Park - Develop a community garden

Denver Borough - Water treatment plant rehab

Ephrata Borough Authority - Water treatment plant

Ephrata Community Hospital - Vehicle and equipment

Faith Friendship Ministries - Personal care home repairs 

Fire Chief's Association - Equipment, training, retention

Good Neighbors - Home repairs to low income housing

Hempfield Fire Department  - Turnout gear and dryer

IU-13 A - Secure Entrance

IU-13 B - Alert System

IU-13 C  - Networking

IU-13 D - Firewall

Lancaster Conservancy - Speedwell Forge and Conewago Creek

Lancaster Farmland Trust A - Miller Farm preservation

Lancaster Farmland Trust B - Conservation plans/20 farms

Lancaster Public Library - New business center

Lancaster Safety Coalition - Upgrade and expand cameras

Landis Place on Doe Run - Pending

Lititz-Warwick Watershed Authority -  Lititz Run Upgrades

Millersvile Borough - Body Camera

New Danville Fire Department - Tanker

New Danville Fire / Pequea Police - Generator

Oz Fund - Rebman's Project

Paradise Township - Sewer plant upgrades

Pequea Township - Storm water system x2 roads

Pequea Township Police - Radio Replacement

Quarryville Borough - Advance water main replacement

Quarryville Library - Air quality / lighting / garden

Real Life Community Service -  Royer House

RegenAll - Heat pumps and solor energy

Spanish American Civic Association (SACA) - Tec Centro

Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development- HVAC for therapy center

Science Factory - Sky Bridge

Servants, Inc. - repairs to low income housing 

Strasburg Borough - Storm water infrastructure - Phase 1 & 2

Suburban Lancaster Sewer Authority - Sewer update - restore river bank

Upward Broadband - Increase broadband for 22 towers

Weaverland Valley - Twin Springs Well

Welsh Mountain Personal Care Home - Addition of rooms/bathrooms

West Cocalico Township - Waste water treatment plant

West Lampeter Police - Fencing gate around building

YWCA - housing units, elevator,  space for sexual assault prevention counseling

Akron - sewer replacement

Assets- Training/lending for small business

Behavioral Healthcare Corp-Upgrade Technology-retention

Caernarvon Township-storm water management

Christiana Police Department - Radios/vehicle

Clay Township - Streambank restoration

Clinic for Special Children - HVAC for new clinic

Columbia Borough - Mobile emergency Ops Center

Columbia Borough Fire Department -  Facility upgrade

Columbia - St. Peters -  New Roof

Disability Empowerment - Nursing home transition

East Donegal - Sanitary sewer lining

East Petersburg - SCBA Tanks/tools

Elizabethtown Borough - Waste water treatment

Ephrata Area Social Services - Teaching job skills

HDC MidAtlantic - Apartment units

Immerse - Landis place at Immerse

Impact Missions - Tiny homes - rebuild blighted homes

Lancaster Bar Association - legal services and Info center technology

Lancaster City - Storm water project

Library System of Lancaster - Technology WAN

Marietta-Donegal - Waste water treatment

MESA Emergency Services - Create Authority  operations

Millersville Borough Police - Body cameras

Mountville Fire Company - Upgrade computers / HVAC

PA Parks and Forests - Benches and model

Partners with Purpose - Preserve and expand units

Pioneer Fire Company - Pumper/Tanker

Quarryville Borough 2 - Connection to Enola Low Grade Trail

Refton Fire Company - Electrical upgrade/generator

Rheems Fire Department - Turnout Gear

South Ann Concerned Neighbors - Franklin Street Project

Strasburg Borough Police Department - Radio replacement

Strasburg Township - Sanitary sewer

Susquehanna Regional Police- Equipment

Tenfold -  Renovation of shelter facility

The Willows at Mill Creek - Phase 2 - addition of housing units

United Churches - additional housing units / renovation

Vision Corps - Teaching lab for the blind

Wakefield EMS- Two stretchers/loading system

West Willow Fire Department - Upgrades / generator

The Yards - Construct new housing units