Advisory, Authority, Board, Commission & Council

The Lancaster County Commissioners welcome and encourage citizens of Lancaster County who are willing to volunteer and serve on any of the following advisory, authority, board, commissions, councils, and systems Members.
Please submit a letter of interest for each position you are interested in, an application as well as a resume. Appointments are determined by the Board of Commissioners based on qualifications.

For more information, please contact Debbie Klinger at 717-299-8300.

Agricultural Preserve Board (Full) 
Airport Authority (Full) December   5 Year
Behavioral Health and Development Services Advisory Board  2 openings 
December   3 Year
Children and Youth - 1 openings 
July   3 Year
Convention Center Authority  - (Full)
September 15   4 Year
Drug and Alcohol - 5 openings  December   3 Year
Hospital Authority - (Full)

December   5 Year
Housing Authority (Full)
March   5 Year
 Lancaster County Land Bank -(Full)  December 5 year
Library System (Full)

April   3 Year
Office of Aging  3 openings 
December   3 Year
Planning (Full)

December   4 Year
Property Assessment (Full) December   4 Year
Public Safety Training Authority (Contact EMA at 717-664-1200 Phil Colvin) 5 vacant December   3 Year
Redevelopment Authority Board of Directions 
December   5 Year
Red Rose Transit Authority (Full)
December   5 Year
Solid Waste Management Authority 
Board of Directors  (Full)
December   5 Year
Solid Waste Management Citizen Advisory 
December   1 Year
Speedwell Forge (Full)

December   3 Year
Transportation Authority (Full) December

  1 Year
Vacant Property Reinvestment Board (Full)

December   3 Year
Workforce Development Board (25 appointed)
Contact - 717 735-0333
June   3 Year