December 12, 2014 - Decking repairs

New deck boards & waterproofing installation


Interior view of new deck boards


New deck boards & original trusses


Contractors have begun working on the dome section of the project. Copper panels that are leaking and have become loose are being removed along with rotten deck boards. Where needed, the structural wood members are being bolstered and repaired. New wood decking material is being installed and then covered by a rain shield that will eventually be covered by rosin paper and finally new copper panels.

The rain shield material will help keep rain from reaching the wood decking material in the future. This is a feature the original construction methods did not include as it was not a construction practice in the 1920’s.

As contractors remove pieces of copper and wood they are documenting the pieces so that when new material is installed it will go back as it was originally designed.

Work is expected to continue throughout the winter as weather permits.