Facilities Management

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Mission Statement
The Mission of the Facilities Management Department is to support County of Lancaster Government agencies, departments, offices, programs and their employees through transparent planning, designing, constructing and operating. In addition to, maintaining our buildings and grounds in a manner that is responsive, internal service-oriented and effective while ensuring economic and environmental stewardship on behalf of the citizens of Lancaster County through teamwork and success driven motivation.


Facilities Management collage  The Facilities Management Department provides maintenance and support for all county-owned buildings and properties to ensure a pleasant, safe, and secure work environment for county employees and visitors.

Our staff of approximately 30 full-time employees in addition to part-time/seasonal personnel, work in conjunction with contracted vendors to support nine buildings. These buildings comprise over 1,312,300 square feet and several of the buildings, such as the Lancaster County Prison, involve 24-hour operations. Additionally, we provide outdoor maintenance for all Lancaster County parks which encompasses over 2,003 acres of land, including active and passive facilities ranging from the county pool to recreation trails. We also work closely with the appointed county engineer and assist with the maintenance and capital planning for the 64 county-owned bridges. Our staff provides preventative maintenance to the 20 covered bridges and monitors the conditions of all bridges as recommended by the engineer.

We are pleased to maintain such a beautiful county and serve the employees and visitors.


The Facilities Management Department is comprised of several divisions. Each division has specific responsibilities and personnel trained for tasks pertaining to that division. Contracted consultants are utilized for special projects. Part-time staff assists and supports full-time personnel, and seasonal workers aid during peak periods.

Administrative Division

The Administrative Division is responsible for payroll, personnel matters, project bidding, budgeting for the department, and processing invoices. This staff also prepares work orders, delegates such requests to appropriate staff, and is responsible for calls for service.

Building Division

The Building Division is responsible for maintenance activities for all county buildings ranging from preventative maintenance and repairs to responding to building emergencies. This division oversees custodial services, code compliance, code inspections, security systems, and alarm systems. Additionally, utility costs and environmental conditions at each building are monitored by this division.

Grounds Division

The Grounds Division provides outdoor maintenance for all county-owned buildings and parks. This division works closely with the implementation of the various recreational programs held at the county parks. A large contingent of seasonal workers support the full-time staff during peak summer activities. Activities vary with the seasons to include mowing during the summer months and snow removal during the winter months. Personnel from this division provide sign maintenance and other minor maintenance and repairs such as weed and brush clearing for the county bridges.

Project Management Team

The Project Management Team assists with capital planning and construction oversight. They are responsible for monitoring and inspecting large county construction projects while working with contractors, project architects, and engineers.