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Vendor Registration Form


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    1. Vendor # ____________________
      (For County Use Only)
    2. Legal Vendor/Company Name
    3. Doing Business As, If Different From Above
    4. Contact Name
    5. Contact Email
    6. Contact Phone
    7. Contact Fax Number
    8. Federal EIN or Social Security Number
    9. Specify 1099 Category If Known
    10. Business Certified As:
      Please mark all that apply:
    11. Certifications:
      Please indicate if your company is certified by one or more of the following councils / agencies:
    12. Category*
      Please pick a category.
    13. List Principal Products and/or services offered by your company.
    14. Describe any sustainability or green initiatives your company is involved in. Does your company use any Green E or Green Seal products? If so, please list.