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Photo Contest Submission Form

  1. Description

    The Controller's Office is inviting all Lancaster County High School students to submit photo(s) for possible selection as the next cover photo for the County of Lancaster's Annual Report Summary and the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report. 

    The student photographer will receive acknowledgement within the report(s) for their photo, to include their name, high school name, and title of photo. 

    Entry Rules & Additional Information:

    Must be a Lancaster County High School student.

    Photo must be representative of Lancaster County.

    Work must be original, non-libelous, and not infringing on the copyright, right of privacy, right of publicity or any other right of any third party.

    Copyright Release Form must be completed and uploaded with submission.

    There is no monetary value associated with this contest. 

  2. Must be signed by a parent / legal guardian if applicable.

  3. Must be 20 MB or smaller.

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