Real Estate Tax

Current Year

The County of Lancaster serves as the real estate tax collector for 31 of our municipalities. The real estate tax discount period ends April 30. The real estate tax base period ends June 30. Taxes paid after June 30 are assessed a penalty.
To find out if your real estate tax is collected by local tax collector or the County of Lancaster, please see the list of tax collectors.  

Prior Year

The Tax Claim Bureau is the entity assigned to collect all prior year real estate taxes for all 60 municipalities and all school districts in Lancaster County. If your property has delinquent real estate taxes, you will be notified by this entity. Follow the directions on the notice. If you have misplaced the notice, please call 717-299-8232.
The Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau is not associated with the Tax Claim Bureau and is not associated with the County of Lancaster. It is a private entity collecting local wage taxes.