Amber Martin, Lancaster County Treasurer

IMPORTANT Coronavirus Update - Office Temporarily Closed to the Public

Thank you for visiting our website. The Lancaster County Treasurer has a range of duties which is unique in the Commonwealth, and is elected to this office for a term of four years. While the County Treasurer does not set tax rates (the County Commissioners have this authority), the County Treasurer is responsible for collecting county and municipal-taxes in districts where there is not an independently elected tax collector. Our office does not collect current year taxes for any school district in Lancaster County. If you are concerned about your county/municipal tax bill and unable to pay your tax bill, please contact me to see if there are options available to you. Our office is here to help!

County Taxes

A fundamental duty is the receipt of county taxes. The real estate tax is the main source of revenue for county government. The county treasurer is responsible for collecting taxes on approximately 130,000 of the 185,000 taxable properties in Lancaster County. Lancaster County currently collects taxes for 40 out of 60 taxing districts throughout Lancaster County. The remaining 20 districts that the County of Lancaster does not collect property taxes, have their own elected tax collectors. 

Should a property owner fall behind in their regularly scheduled property tax payments, the Tax Claim Bureau within the Treasurer's Office will work with taxpayers to assist them in meeting their obligations.

The treasurer collects delinquent real estate taxes for the county, as well as for each municipality and school district within the county.

Important Dates and Information:

  • There is a 2% discount for payments received by April 30
  • Payments must be made by June 30 to be considered paid on time
  • 10% of a bill will be added as a penalty in addition to full payment after June 30
  • Bills not paid by Dec 31 move to a delinquent status
  • If deadline should fall on a weekend day or holiday, payment due date will be the following business day.

(Important MUST read Conditions of Sale prior to pre-registering to bid)
November 2019 Continued Upset Tax Sale List 
(Starting bid price is approx. and subject to change)

    November 2019 Judicial Tax Sale List and Conditions of Sale

(Important: MUST read Conditions of Sale prior to pre-registering to bid)
(Starting bid price is approx. and subject to change)

March 2020 Delinquent Tax Report
(Amounts are NOT certified. Total due is subject to change. Interest
accrues monthly on the first day of a new month.)

Retirement Board

Another function of the county treasurer is to serve on the county Employee Retirement Board with the three commissioners and controller. The purpose of this retirement board is to invest member contributions in a fiscally prudent manner so that when employees retire, they will have a steady source of retirement income. There is approximately $250 million for which the board is responsible.

Investing County Receipts

The county treasurer is also responsible for investing county receipts in short to intermediate term investments until such funds are needed for general county operational costs or otherwise properly disbursed. This amount usually approximates $20 to $30 million, but can get as high as $60 to $70 million during brief periods of time.