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Pavilion #22

Max Occupancy 150


  1. Electric Fireplace
  2. Electrical Outlets
  3. Grills
  4. Kitchen
  5. Restrooms
  6. Tables
  7. Water

Pavilion #22, the Kiwanis Lodge, is located in the Kiwanis Area of Central Park. Click here to view the Fee Schedule. A fully-refundable $100 security deposit is required when picking up the key for this facility.  

  • Pavilion size: 40-by-80-foot completely enclosed area
  • Grills: two covered 19-by-41-inch grills 
  • Kitchen with sink, stove and refrigerator
  • Twenty folding tables on racks and 160 folding chairs on racks 
    • Tables, chairs and racks MUST remain in the building and cannot be used or stored outside.
  • Restrooms inside the pavilion
  • This pavilion is NOT air -conditioned.   Windows may be opened for air circulation, but must be locked again prior to client's departure.

Please note: All parking areas remain open for general public use.