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Apply for Bingo License Online

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  2. Bingo License Application

    In compliance with the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania.

  3. Instructions for Applying for Bingo License

    1. Complete the form below. 
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    3. Upload the file in the Form Upload section of this webpage.

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  4. Form Upload
  5. Please upload your Application for Bingo License

  6. If applicable upload the following documents:

    Submit copies of all documents, if possible. 

  7. Enclose a copy of the applicant's Internal Revenue Service tax exemption approval letter or official documentation indicating the applicant is non-profit charitable organization. 

  8. Enclose a copy of the applicant's Articles of Incorporation. 

  9. Enclose a copy of bylaws or other legal documents that define the organization purpose. 

  10. Effective 7/1/15 Club licenses with liquor licenses and proceeds of $20,000 or more: attach the most recent annual report filed with the PA Department of Revenue or waiver. 

  11. Enclose copies of all written lease or rental agreements between the applicant and the owner of the premises upon which the games of chance will be conducted, if such premises are rented or leased. If premised are owned, please provide a copy of the deed, or ask Treasurer staff to verify ownership in their system. 

  12. Please allow for one business day for processing and please provide us with an email, so we can reach out to you about any questions in regards to your application, and can send you your certificate of license. 

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