Polling Locations

District Number
Voting District
0100Lancaster City 1WThe Ware Center (Binns Room)
42 N Prince St, Lancaster
0201Lancaster City 2W-1P
Lancaster City Hall
120 N. Duke St. - Marion St Entrance, Lancaster
0202Lancaster City 2W-2P
St. Anthony's Catholic Church
503 E. Orange St, Lancaster
0300Lancaster City 3WChurch St. Towers
333 Church St, Lancaster
0401Lancaster City 4W-1P
Teen Haven Lancaster Youth Center
205 S Queen St, Lancaster
0402Lancaster City 4W-2PSouth End Park Playground Building
 10 Furnace St, Lancaster
0501Lancaster City 5W-1PSt. John's Episcopal Church
321 W. Chestnut St, Lancaster
0502Lancaster City 5W-2P
Unitarian Center
538 W. Chestnut St, Lancaster
0503Lancaster City 5W-3PBethany Presbyterian Church
25 N West End Ave, Lancaster
0601Lancaster City 6W-1PFirst United Methodist Church
29 E. Walnut St, Lancaster
0602Lancaster City 6W-2P
Grace Lutheran Church
517 N. Queen St, Lancaster
0603Lancaster City 6W-3POtterbein United Methodist Church
20 E. Clay St, Lancaster
0604Lancaster City 6W-4PEbenezer Baptist Church
701 N. Lime St, Lancaster
0605Lancaster City 6W-5P
YWCA Lancaster
110 N. Lime St, Lancaster
0606Lancaster City 6W-6PLancaster Alliance Church
210 Pitney Rd, Lancaster
0607Lancaster City 6W-7PSixth Ward Park Playground Building
Ross St. and Hamilton St, Lancaster
0608Lancaster City 6W-8PChrist United Methodist Church
935 E. Walnut St, Lancaster
0701Lancaster City 7W-1PSan Juan Bautista
425 S. Duke St, Lancaster
0702 Lancaster City 7W-2P
Garden Court Community Center
520 East End Ave, Lancaster
0703Lancaster City 7W-3P
Crossroads Mennonite Church
401 Church St, Lancaster
0704Lancaster City 7W-4P
Susquehanna Court
315 Susquehanna St, Lancaster
0705Lancaster City 7W-5P
Franklin Terrace
630 Almanac Ave, Lancaster
0706Lancaster City 7W-6PThaddeus Stevens College of Technology
750 E. King St, Lancaster
0707Lancaster City 7W-7PFranklin Terrace 
630 Almanac Ave, Lancaster
0708Lancaster City 7W-8P
Calvary Baptist Church
530 Milton Rd, Lancaster
0801Lancaster City 8W-1PChrist Lutheran Church
2 W. Strawberry St, Lancaster
0802Lancaster City 8W-2PRodney Park Building
Crystal St. and Rodney St, Lancaster
0803Lancaster City 8W-3PPearl Street United Methodist Church
133 Pearl St, Lancaster
0804Lancaster City 8W-4PRedeemer Lutheran Church 
500 Pearl St, Lancaster
0805Lancaster City 8W-5PSt. Joseph's Hall (Annex)
410 Saint Joseph St, Lancaster
0806Lancaster City 8W-6PTwo Dudes Painting Co.
750 Poplar St, Lancaster
0807Lancaster City 8W-7P
Lancaster Rec Center
525 Fairview Ave, Lancaster
0808Lancaster City 8W-8PBright Side Opportunities Center
515 Hershey Ave, Lancaster
0809Lancaster City 8W-9P
Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal
609 Prospect St, Lancaster
0901Lancaster City 9W-1P
Ruoff Towers
315 N. Prince St, Lancaster
0902Lancaster City 9W-2P
Christian Science Church
200 W. Lemon St, Lancaster
0903Lancaster City 9W-3PEmmanuel Lutheran Church
540 W. Walnut St, Lancaster
0904Lancaster City 9W-4P
Lancaster Theological Seminary, Schaff Library
555 W. James St, Lancaster
0905Lancaster City 9W-5P
West Art Partners
816 Buchanan Ave, Lancaster
1000Adamstown BoroughSt. Paul's Lutheran Church
80 E. Main St, Adamstown
1101Akron Borough East-DAkron Mennonite Church
1311 Diamond St, Akron
1102Akron Borough West-D
Akron Community Church
613 Main St, Akron
1200Christiana Borough
Christiana Borough Office
10 W. Slokom Ave, Christiana
Columbia Borough 1-W
Columbia Borough Municipal Building
308 Locust St, Columbia
Columbia Borough 4-W
Columbia School Dist. Admin. Center
200 N. 5th St, Columbia
Columbia Borough 5-W
Saint Paul Episcopal Church
340 Locust St, Columbia
Columbia Borough 6-W
Victory Church
550 Linden St, Columbia

Columbia Borough 7-W
Columbia Animal Shelter
265 South 10th St, Columbia
Columbia Borough 9-W
Columbia Borough Fire Department
726 Manor St, Columbia
1400Denver Borough
Denver Borough Municipal Building
501 Main St, Denver
1500East Petersburg Borough-NorthEast Petersburg Community Ctr
6051 Pine St, East Petersburg
1501East Petersburg Borough-SouthTrinity United Church of Christ
2340 State St, East Petersburg
East Petersburg Borough-West

Oromo Evangelical Church of Lancaster

6030 Lemon St, East Petersburg

1601Elizabethtown Borough 1-WChrist Evangelical Lutheran Church Lodge
121 Mechanics Alley, Elizabethtown
1602Elizabethtown Borough 2-WElizabethtown Borough Municipal Building
600 S. Hanover St, Elizabethtown
1603Elizabethtown Borough 3-W, 1-P
St. Paul's United Methodist Church
398 N Locust St, Elizabethtown
1604Elizabethtown Borough 3-W, 2-PFriendship Fire & Hose Co.
171 N. Mount Joy St, Elizabethtown
1605Elizabethtown Borough 3-W, 3-P
Elizabethtown Public Library
10 S. Market St, Elizabethtown
Ephrata Borough 1-W
First United Methodist Church
68 N. Church St, Ephrata
Ephrata Borough 2-W
Reformed Presbyterian Church
21 E Locust St, Ephrata
Ephrata Borough 3-W
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
167 E. Main St, Ephrata
Ephrata Borough 4-W
Ephrata American Legion
300 Cocalico St, Ephrata
1801Lititz Borough 1W-1PLititz Fire Co 1
24 W. Main St, Lititz
1802Lititz Borough 1W-2P
Luther Acres
600 E. Main St, Lititz
1803Lititz Borough 2W-1PSt. Lukes UCC
222 N. Broad St, Lititz
1804Lititz Borough 2W-2PLititz United Methodist Church
201 E. Market St, Lititz
1805Lititz Borough 3W-1PBuch Funeral Home & Cremation Services
216 S Broad St, Lititz
1806Lititz Borough 3W-2P
Lititz Public Library
651 Kissel Hill Rd, Lititz
Manheim Borough 1-W
St. Pauls UCC
50 N. Main St, Manheim
Manheim Borough 2-W
Manheim Grace Church
333 E. High St, Manheim
Marietta Borough 1-D
Marietta Borough Municipal Office
113 E. Market St, Marietta
Marietta Borough 2-D
Marietta Community House
264 W. Market St, Marietta
2101Millersville Borough 1-D
Millersville Borough Admin. Building
100 Municipal Dr, Millersville
2102Millersville Borough 2-DSt. Philip the Apostle Church
2111 Millersville Pike, Millersville
Millersville Borough 3-D

Millersville Community United Methodist Church

163 W. Frederick St, Millersville

2104Millersville Borough 4-D
Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home
441 N. George St, Millersville
2301Mount Joy Borough East-WMount Joy Borough Municipal Office
21 E. Main St, Mount Joy
2302Mount Joy Borough Florin-WFlorin Station
134 N. Market Ave, Mount Joy
2303Mount Joy Borough West-WMilanof - Schock Library
1184 Anderson Ferry Rd, Mount Joy
2400Mountville Borough
St. Paul's United Methodist Church
100 W Main Street, Mountville
New Holland Borough 1-D
All Saints Church
276 W. Main St, New Holland
New Holland Borough 2-D
Garden Spot Fire Rescue - Station 1
339 E. Main St, New Holland
New Holland Borough 3-D
Yoder's Country Market
14 S. Tower Rd, New Holland
2600Quarryville BoroughQuarryville Borough Municipal Office
300 Saint Catherine St, Quarryville
2701Strasburg Borough 1-W
First Presbyterian Church
101 S. Decatur St, Strasburg
2703Strasburg Borough 3-W
Strasburg Fire Co. #1
203 W. Franklin St, Strasburg
2800Terre Hill BoroughTerre Hill Community Center
131 W. Main St, Terre Hill
2900Bart TownshipBart Township Fire Co.
11 Furnace Rd, Quarryville
3001Brecknock Township Bwmnsvl-DBowmansville Fire Hall
 146 W. Maple Grove Rd, 
3002Brecknock Township Mdy Crk-DFivepointville Fire Hall
1087 Dry Tavern Rd, Denver
3100Caernarvon Township  
Twin Valley Bible Chapel 
105 Shirktown Rd, Narvon
3201Clay Township North-D
Clay Township Municipal Building
870 Durlach Rd, Stevens
3202Clay Township South-DEphrata Community Church
70 Clay School Rd, Ephrata
3301Cocalico, E. Township Smokestown-D
Smokestown Fire Company
860 Smokestown Rd, Denver
3302Cocalico, E. Township Swartzville-D
Peace United Church of Christ
37 E. Swartzville Rd, Denver
Cocalico, E. Township Stevens-D
Stevens Fire Company
91 Stevens Rd, Stevens
Cocalico, E. Township Reamstown-D
St Paul's EC Church
46 E. Church St, Reamstown
3401Cocalico, W. Township Rnholds-D
Reinholds Fire Co.
158-A W. Main St, Reinholds
3402Cocalico, W. Township Schneck-DSchoeneck Fire Hall
125 N. King St, Denver 
3500Colerain TownshipColerain Township Municipal Building
1803 Kirkwood Pike, Kirkwood
3600Conestoga Township
Conestoga Fire Company
3290 Main St, Conestoga
3700Conoy Township
Bainbridge Fire Co.
34 S. Second St, Bainbridge
3801Donegal, E. Township Maytown-DEast Donegal Twp Municipal Building
190 Rock Point Rd, Marietta
3802Donegal, E. Township Sprngvl-DCalvary Bible Church
629 Union School Rd, Mount Joy
3803Donegal, E. Township Maytown West-D Donegal Presbyterian Church 
1891 Donegal Springs Rd, Mount Joy
Donegal, W. Township 1-D
Rheems Fire Department
350 Anchor Rd, Elizabethtown
Donegal, W. Township 2-D
West Donegal Township Municipal Office
One Municipal Dr, Elizabethtown
Donegal, W. Township 3-D
Masonic Village
One Masonic Dr, Elizabethtown
3904 Donegal, W Township 4-DLifeGate/Cedar Hill Community Church
5636 Bossler Rd, Elizabethtown
4000Drumore Township
Chestnut Level Family Life Center
1068 Chestnut Level Rd, Quarryville
4100Drumore, E. Township
East Drumore Township Munic. Office
925 Robert Fulton Hwy, Quarryville
4201Earl Township Martndl-D
Earl Township Municipal Building
517 N. Railroad Ave, New Holland
4202Earl Township New Holnd-D
Garden Spot Village
433 S. Kinzer Ave, New Holland
4301Earl, E. Township Blue Ball-D
East Earl Township Building

4610 Division Hwy, East Earl

4302Earl, E. Township Terre Hill-D
St. John Center Lutheran Church
599 Reading Rd, East Earl
4401Earl, W. Township Earlvl-DWest Earl Fire Hall
 14 School Lane Ave, Brownstown
4402Earl, W. Township Farmersvl-DFarmersville Fire Co.
74 E. Farmersville Rd, Ephrata
4403 Earl, W. Township North-DWest Earl Township Municipal Building
157 W. Metzler Rd, Ephrata
4500Eden TownshipEden Township Municipal Building
489 Stony Hill Rd, Quarryville
4600Elizabeth Township
Elizabeth Township Building.
423 Southview Dr, Lititz
4701Ephrata Township Lincoln-D
Hope United Methodist Church
3474 Rothsville Rd, Ephrata
4702Ephrata Township Murrell-DLCBC Church - Ephrata Campus
6 Hahnstown Rd, Ephrata
4703 Ephrata Township Trout Run-D New Joy Brethren in Christ Church
35 New Joy Dr, Ephrata
4800Fulton TownshipRobert Fulton Fire Company
2271 Robert Fulton Highway, Peach Bottom
4901Hemp, E. Township Barrcrest-DGrace Baptist Church
1899 Marietta Ave, Lancaster
Hemp, E. Township Centerville-D

Vietnamese Alliance Church
3435 Nolt Rd, Landisville

4903Hemp, E. Township Cherry Hill-DHempfield United Methodist Church
3050 Marietta Ave, Lancaster
4904Hemp, E. Township Chestnut Ridge-D
Hempfield Brethren in Christ Church
2600 Marietta Ave, Lancaster
4905Hemp, E. Township Friendly-DFriends Meeting House
110 Tulane Terrace, Lancaster
4906Hemp, E. Township Spring-DCommunity Fellowship Church
200 Bethel Dr, Lancaster
4907Hemp, E. Township Hempland-D
Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
3131 Columbia Ave, Lancaster
4908Hemp, E. Township Indian Springs-DFour Seasons Pro Shop
949 Church St, Landisville
Hemp, E. Township Kings-D
Vietnamese Alliance Church
3435 Nolt Rd, Landisville
4911Hemp, E. Township Landisville-D
The Church of God of Landisville
171 Church St, Landisville
4912Hemp, E. Township Millcreek-D
Hempfield Area Recreation Commission
 950 Church St, 
4913Hemp, E. Township Petersburg-DHempfield Church of the Brethren
1186 Stevens St. (rear), Manheim
4914Hemp, E. Township Pleasant View-D
Woodcrest Villa
2001 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster
4915Hemp, E. Township Rohrerstown-DChurch of the Apostles
1850 Marietta Ave, Lancaster
4916Hemp, E. Township Scotland-DEast Hempfield Township Municipal Building
1700 Nissley Rd, Landisville
5001Hemp, W. Township Chstnt Hl-DTrinity Reformed United Church of Christ
450 W Main St, Mountville
5002Hemp, W. Township Farmdale-D
Chinese Bible Church of Lancaster (Church Lobby)
4050 Marietta Ave, Columbia
5003Hemp, W. Township Ironville-D
Ironville United Methodist Church
4020 Holly Dr, Columbia
5004Hemp, W. Township Slvr Sprg-D
West Hempfield Township Building & Fire Department
3476 Marietta Ave, Lancaster
5005Hemp, W. Township Oyster Pt-DHempfield United Methodist Church
3050 Marietta Ave, Lancaster
5006Hemp, W. Township-Highland Park-DMountville Church of the Brethren
60 Clay St, Mountville
5007Hemp, W. Township-Salunga-DWayside Presbyterian Church
600 Stony Battery Rd, Landisville
5101Lamp, E. Township 1-D
Lancaster Church of the Nazarene
2150 New Holland Pike, Lancaster
5102Lamp, E. Township 2-D
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
750 Greenfield Rd, Lancaster
5103Lamp, E. Township 3-D
Witmer Fire Protective Association
455 Mount Sidney Rd, Lancaster

5104Lamp, E. Township 4-D
East Lampeter Township Municipal Office
2250 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster
5105Lamp, E. Township 5-D
Harrisburg Area Community College
Lancaster Campus, East Building
1641 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster
5106Lamp, E. Township 6-D
Oaks Condominium Clubhouse
291 Black Oak Dr, Lancaster
5107Lamp, E. Township 7-D
Ronks Fire Company
134 N. Ronks Rd, Ronks
5108Lamp, E. Township 8-D
Lafayette Fire Company
63 Lafayette Way, Lancaster
5201Lamp, W. Township Lampeter-DWest Lampeter Township Municipal Building
 852 Village Rd, 
5202Lamp, W. Township Lyndon-D
Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home
2421 Willow Street Pike, Willow Street
5203Lamp, W. Township Willow St-DWillow St. Fire Co.
2901 Willow Street Pk, Willow Street
5204Lamp, W. Township Locust-DWillow Valley Manor
211 Willow Valley Sq, Lancaster
5205Lamp, W. Township Millport-D

Mission Church
651 Lampeter Rd, Lancaster

Lamp, W. Township Lakes-D
Willow Valley Lakes Manor
300 Willow Valley Lakes Dr, Willow Street

Lamp, W. Township Windy Hill-D

Mill Creek Bible Church
270 Strasburg Pike, Lancaster
Lancaster Township 1-D
Maple Grove Community Building
1420 Columbia Ave, Lancaster
Lancaster Township 2-D  
First Assembly of God
1025 Columbia Ave, Lancaster

Lancaster Township 3-D
Lancaster Township Fire Department
125 Fairview Ave, Bausman
Lancaster Township 4-D
Lancaster Seventh-Day Adventist Church
151 City Mill Rd, Lancaster
Lancaster Township 5-D
Lancaster Township Municipal Building
1240 Maple Ave, Lancaster
Lancaster Township 6-D
New Life Christian Church
1501 Millersville Pike, Lancaster

Lancaster Township 7-D
First Assembly of God
1025 Columbia Ave, Lancaster
Lancaster Township 8-D
Millersville Bible Church
1940 New Danville Pike, Lancaster
Lancaster Township 9-D
Lancaster Arms Apartments
116 Jennings Dr, Lancaster
5400Leacock TownshipLeacock Township Municipal Building
3545 W. Newport Rd, Intercourse
5501Leacock, U. Township Bareville-DBareville Fire Co.
211 E. Main St, Bareville 
5502Leacock, U. Township Leacock-D
Upper Leacock Township War Memorial Building.
54 W. Main St, Leola
5503Leacock, U. Township Leola-D
Upper Leacock Township War Memorial Building
54 W. Main St, Leola
5600Little Britain Township
Little Britain Township Municipal Building
323 Green Ln, Quarryville
5701Manheim Township 1-DMount Calvary Lutheran Church
308 Petersburg Rd, Lititz
5702Manheim Township 2-D
Landis Homes
(High Conference Room in Crossings Building)
1001 E. Oregon Rd, Lititz
5703Manheim Township 3-D
St. Peter's Lutheran Church
10 Delp Rd, Lancaster
5704Manheim Township 4-DManheim Township Ambulance Assoc.
1820 Municipal Dr, Lancaster
5705Manheim Township 5-DCalvary Church
 1051 Landis Valley Rd, 
5706Manheim Township 6-DHarvest Bible Church
1460 Eden Rd, Lancaster
5707Manheim Township 7-DResidence Inn by Marriott Lancaster
1450 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster
5708Manheim Township 8-DHighland Presbyterian Church
500 E Roseville Rd, Lancaster
5709Manheim Township 9-DLancaster Church of the Brethren
1601 Sunset Ave, Lancaster
5710Manheim Township 10-D
Grandview United Methodist Church
888 Pleasure Rd, Lancaster
5711Manheim Township 11-DSt. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church
700 Pleasure Rd, Lancaster
5712Manheim Township 12-D
Harvest Bible Church
1460 Eden Rd, Lancaster
5713Manheim Township 13-DSt. Thomas Episcopal Church
301 Saint Thomas Rd, Lancaster
5714Manheim Township 14-DValleybrook Estates
900 Valleybrook Dr, Lancaster
5715Manheim Township 15-D
Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home
3110 Lititz Pike, Lititz
Manheim Township 16-D
St. Peter's Lutheran Church
10 Delp Rd, Lancaster
5717Manheim Township 17-D
Blossom Hill Mennonite Church
333 Delp Rd, Lancaster
5718Manheim Township 18-DManheim Township Municipal Office
1840 Municipal Dr, Lancaster
5719Manheim Township 19-D
Grandview United Methodist Church
888 Pleasure Rd, Lancaster
5720Manheim Township 20-D
Faith United Methodist Church
1290 Fruitville Pike, Lititz
5721Manheim Township 21-D
Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home and Chapel
3110 Lititz Pike, Lititz
5722Manheim Township 22-D
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church
308 Petersburg Rd, Lititz
5723Manheim Township 23-D
Brethren Village
3001 Lititz Pike, Lititz
Manor Township Bethel-D
Iglesia Casa de Benedicion
1941 Benmar Dr, Lancaster
5801Manor Township Hambright-D
Manor Township Municipal Building
950 W. Fairway Dr, Lancaster
5802Manor Township Indiantwn-DBlue Rock Fire Rescue Station 3
3079 River Rd, Conestoga
5803Manor Township Leisure-D
Faith Bible Fellowship Church
151 Donerville Rd, Lancaster
5804Manor Township Manor, New-D
Central Manor Church
387 Penn St, Washington Boro
5805Manor Township Washington-D
Washington Boro Church of God
15 Rockfish St, Washington Boro
5806Manor Township W. Lancstr-DBlue Rock Fire Rescue Station 1
1697 Temple Ave, Lancaster
Manor Township Manor, New East

Millersville Brethren in Christ Church

3116 Blue Rock Rd, Millersville

5808 Manor Township, Hershey Mill-D Manor Church
530 Central Manor Rd, Lancaster 
5900Martic Township, Marticville-D
Mount Nebo United Methodist Church
673 Martic Heights Dr, Pequea
5901 Martic Township, Holtwood-D Bethesda United Methodist Church
1086 Hilldale Rd, Holtwood
6001Mount Joy Township Milton Grv-DMount Pleasant Brethren in Christ Church
1756 Mount Pleasant Rd, Mount Joy
Mount Joy Township Fairview

Mount Joy Township Municipal Building
8853 Elizabethtown Rd, Elizabethtown

6003Mount Joy Township - CloverleafAlliance Church
425 Cloverleaf Rd, Elizabethtown
6004Mount Joy Township - Hershey RoadMount Calvary Church / Christian School
625 Holly St, Elizabethtown
6100Paradise Township
Paradise Township Municipal Building
2 Township Dr, Paradise
6201Penn Township Junction-DPenn Township Municipal Building
97 North Penryn Rd, Manheim
Penn Township S. Penn-D

Pleasant View Communities
2100 Town Square North, Manheim

6203Penn Township PenrynPenryn Fire Co.
441 N. Penryn Rd, Penryn
6300Pequea Township - West Willow-D
West Willow Fire Company
192 W Willow Rd, Willow Street
6301 Pequea Township - New Danville-DNew Danville Fire Company (Lower Level)
43 Marticville Rd, Lancaster
6400Providence Township-East-DProvidence Church
269 Cinder Rd, New Providence
6401Providence Township-West-DProvidence Township Municipal Building
200 Mount Airy Rd, New Providence
6501Rapho Township Sporting Hl-D  *POLLING PLACE CHANGE
Rapho Township Municipal Building
971 N Colebrook Rd.

Manheim, 17545

6502Rapho Township Elm Tree I-D
East Fairview Church of the Brethren
1187 Fairview Rd, Manheim
6503Rapho Township Union Sq-DMastersonville Fire Company
2121 Meadow View Rd, Manheim
6504Rapho Township Elm Tree II-D
Crossings Community Church

8 S. Erisman Rd, Manheim

6505 Rapho Township - Willow Creek-DLaserdome
2050 Auction Rd, Manheim
6600Sadsbury TownshipSadsbury Township Supervisors Office
7182 White Oak Rd, Christiana
6701Salisbury Township Cambrdge-D
Mount Zion United Methodist Church
753 Mount Zion Rd, Narvon
6702Salisbury Township Gap-DGap Fire Company
802 Pequea Ave, Gap
6703Salisbury Township Wht. Horse-D
Salisbury Township Municipal Building
5581 Old Phila Pk, Gap
6800Strasburg TownshipRefton Fire Company 
99 Church St, Refton
6901Warwick Township Brunnervl-DBrunnerville United Methodist Church
 517 Pine Hill Rd, 
6902Warwick Township Kissel Hl-D
Lancaster Evangelical Free Church
419 Pierson Rd, Lititz
6903Warwick Township Rothsvlle-D
Rothsville Fire Company
2071 Main St, Rothsville
6904Warwick Township Woodcrest-DSt. James Catholic Church
505 Woodcrest Ave, Lititz
6905Warwick Township Clay Newport-DWarwick Township Municipal Building
315 Clay Rd, Lititz
6906Warwick Township Hilltop Manor-D
Brunnerville Fire Company
1302 Church St, Brunnerville
6908Warwick Township Millport-DJerusalem Lutheran Church
36 Church St, Lititz
6909Warwick Township Newport West-DGrace Brethren Church of Lititz
501 W. Lincoln Ave, Lititz
6910Warwick Township Southwest-DHosanna! A Fellowship of Christians
29 Green Acre Rd, Lititz
Hempfield Area Recreation Commission
950 Church St.