Where to Register

In Person

Individuals may apply in person at the Lancaster County Voter Registration Office at:
150 N. Queen St.
Suite 117
Lancaster, PA 17603

In Conjunction with an Application for, or Renewal of, a Driver's License

Individuals may apply for voter registration in conjunction with an application for, or renewal of, a driver's license through the Department of Transportation at a photo license center.

In Government Agencies

An individual may apply for voter registration at many state government agencies.

By Mail

An individual may register to vote by mail in one of two ways.

The first option is to obtain a voter registration mail application form developed by the state or federal government. The secretary of the commonwealth and all county registration commissions supply voter registration mail application forms to all persons and organizations who request them, including candidates, political parties and political bodies and other federal, state and political subdivision offices.

The second option is to download the PA Voter Registration Application.

On the Internet

An individual may register online at the Pennsylvania Department of State Online Voter Registration website: http://register.votespa.com