2017 Antlerless Deer License sales


Amber Martin, Lancaster County Treasurer


The Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office has announced that Antlerless Deer License sales will begin on Monday, July 10 for PA residents. Hunters who wish to apply for an antlerless deer license must hold a current hunting license for the 2017-18 season. The cost for the antlerless license is $6.90 for residents and $26.90 for non-residents. Only ONE license per hunter may be issued in the first round; hunters may apply for a second and third license in subsequent rounds until the supply is exhausted. Please send a check or money order made payable to the County Treasurer. Do NOT send cash.

Hunters are encouraged to mail their application in the pink envelope provided by the PA Game Commission on Friday, July 7, to ensure timely delivery to the Treasurer’s Office. (Applications received prior to July 10 will be rejected so please abide by the July 7 mailing date.) Please do not send applications to the Game Commission. Applications may be mailed to the County Treasurer of your choice. Remember to place a first-class stamp on the outer and inner envelopes.

If you are applying with others as a group, the Lancaster County treasurer suggests submitting separate checks with each application. If two or three applicants apply together with one check, all of the applications may be rejected and returned if there is a problem with any one application or if any WMU is sold out.

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis through the US Postal system only. The treasurer is not responsible for applications that are not received through the USPS. Hunters are encouraged to check the Game Commission website frequently to confirm that his/her application has been processed.

If the license allocations for all WMU preferences are sold out, the application will be returned to the hunter. The hunter may apply for another WMU where licenses are available by using a new pink envelope.

This year, the PA Game Commission will not print a Hunting & Trapping Digest for mass distribution. Digests may be ordered through the Game Commission at the cost of $6.00 or viewed for free on their website: www.pgc.pa.gov.

Questions or concerns may be submitted to the Game Commission at (717) 787-4250 or visit www.pgc.pa.gov.