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The Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Program serves children and adults ages 3 and up, who have an intellectual disability diagnosis and reside in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our program typically receives referrals from individuals with intellectual disability and from families with minors who have an intellectual disability. A referral can be made by contacting our offices at 717-399-7355  to request an intake. The Individual with the intellectual disability must be in agreement with the intake and it is preferred that the family be in agreement with the support also. 

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Following the intake process, eligibility will be determined and a decision letter is mailed informing the Individual whether or not a record will be opened. If a record is opened, the Individual will work with a Supports Coordinator.

A Supports Coordinator will assist individuals with intellectual disability to connect with supports they need to be as independent as possible. Supports Coordinators meet with individuals and their families to review their strength and need areas, and to develop an Individual Support Plan. They explain what different services offer and assist individuals by requesting funding for services. Supports Coordinators are a link between the individual and their family and the service providers.

Funding is based upon need and records are initially opened with no funding attached.  
      Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Program   
150 North Queen Street Lancaster, PA 17603 Suite 515
      Telephone: 717-399-7355  Fax: 717-209-3064

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency that requires immediate attention, 
please contact Crisis Intervention at  717-394-2631.