Effective March 1, 2016

Money orders WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED in the Prison lobby. Money orders will still be accepted through the mail. No personal checks are accepted.

Money can be deposited on to commissary accounts by visiting: or using the kiosk located in the prison lobby (cash, credit, or debit)

Money can be deposited on to phone accounts by visiting:


All inmates' funds are processed through the County Treasurer's office, with inmates current account maintained at the Prison Administration office. An inmate may receive funds either by money order or certified check -- no personal checks will be accepted. Cash or credit card is only accepted in the Kiosk in the Lobby.

An inmate may receive and disburse money from his individual account subject to the following:

1. Money orders and certified checks will be accepted in the mail and a receipt furnished to the inmate. Cash or credit cards will only be accepted in the Kiosk in the lobby.

2. Money orders and certified checks will be accepted from visitors every day from 6:00am until 9:30pm and a receipt furnished to the inmate. Cash or credit cards will only be accepted via the Kiosk.

3. An inmate will not transfer funds to another inmate's account; neither may family or friends of one inmate place money on the account of another inmate. This rule is designated to protect an inmate and any attempt to circumvent it will be treated as a serious disciplinary matter.

4. If an inmate desires to send money out for outside purposes, the inmate must submit an inmate request form to Inmate Accounts with the following information:

A. Amount of money to be transferred. B. Name and address of recipient. C. Reason for releasing money. D. A self addressed pre-posted envelope.

5. Coin and currency are not permitted in the prison (with the exception of Work Release). Inmates found to be in possession of coin/currency will have the money confiscated as contraband and placed in the prison account.

6. Discharge: At time of discharge from prison, the inmate must verify address for remaining monies to be sent. A check for any unencumbered funds will be sent to address given for money remaining in the account when the final tabulation is completed. Any amounts less than $ 3.00 will not be issued by check. Arrangements must be made through the Business Office.


Processing Fee: Effective January 1, 2017, a processing fee of $35.00 will be imposed on every newly incarcerated inmate immediately upon commitment. An inmate shall not receive any financial privileges or be able to use commissary until that fee has been paid in full. If the inmate is found not guilty, the fee will be reimbursed.

Other Fees:

1. Inmate Fees for Medical/Dental Care

A. Sick Call

Inmates will be charged a $3.00 administrative fee for services by nursing staff and a $5.00 fee to see a N.P, P.A, Dr. or Dentist. This fee is not in any way meant to dissuade inmates from obtaining health care for legitimate complaints, but is meant to instill responsibility among inmates in the use of prison services while recognizing that a number of inmate medical and dental complaints have been found to be frivolous, resulting in the diverting of available personnel resources from those inmates truly in need of such services.

B. Doctor's Call

I. Inmates referred to the Doctor by the nursing staff, after initial diagnosis at "sick call", will not be charged a fee to see the doctor.

II. Inmates who are not referred to the doctor, after initial screening by the nursing staff, but who demand to see the doctor will be charged a $5.00 fee for this privilege, since the inmate's complaint will then have been medically determined not to require essential Medical/Dental care.

III. If the doctor's subsequent examination determines that the inmate complaint was genuine and that he or she should have been referred at the initial screening, the $5.00 fee will not be charged.

C. Exceptions for Essential Medical and Dental Services Rendered

I. No fees will be charged for initial commitment, medical or dental screening, psychiatric services or medically ordered follow up care. Emergency services will not be chargeable unless self inflicted or due to an activity entered into at an inmate’s own choosing.

II. No fees will be charged for treatment of chronic illnesses (example: dressing changes, colostomy changes, diabetes, hypertension, or AIDS related syndrome.

III. Evaluation for and/or treatment provided, as a result of the inmate's pre-admission activities and/or alleged criminal activity, or activity in violation of Lancaster County Prison policy is a financially chargeable situation and will not constitute a medical emergency for billing purposes.

D. Inmates will never be denied care for legitimate medical or dental complaints requiring essential medical or dental care.

E. Inmates will never be denied medical attention for any reason whatsoever, even if the complaint is believed to be frivolous.

F. Inmates will never be denied care, for essential medical or dental services, solely because the inmate cannot pay the required fees, or is indigent or without funds.

2. Medical/Dental Fee Billing

A. All fees will be deducted in full from the respective inmate account. If necessary, the Director of Administration will monitor all account balances that are owed and deduct monies from the respective accounts. Whenever there is a deduction made from an inmates’ account, they will receive a copy of the deduction.

B. The conditions for collection of monies when negative balances exist are:

I. Fifty percent (50%) of all incoming funds deposited into an inmates' account, regardless of the source, will be credited to their negative balance, and the remainder will be credited to the inmate's account for personal use. This procedure will continue until the inmate's negative balance is satisfied. Once the remaining 50% is placed on the inmates account, those monies can then be used if a new bill comes in. The account will not be taken below $ 20.00.

II. At discharge any available funds from an inmate's account will be credited towards their negative balance if any, prior to issuing the inmate a discharge check.

III. All outstanding balances at the time of discharge will be tracked by the Director of Administration for collection at a future time, should the inmate become re-incarcerated within a 30 day period, at which time all monies received at the time of this subsequent admission will be applied to the outstanding balance owed. Should any outstanding balance exist beyond thirty days following discharge, this account will be turned over to a collection agency designated by the County of Lancaster.

3. Restitution for Damage

A. Inmates who have been found, as a result of Disciplinary Procedures, to have intentionally damaged or destroyed jail property will be responsible for restitution for any damage.

B. The Disciplinary Hearing Board will complete a "Restitution Expense Form" and forward the completed form to the Inmate Accounts Desk in the Business Office, for deduction from the inmate's account. All funds will be deducted until the expense is satisfied, in the same manner described in section 2, above for medical/dental fees.

C. The cost of damages and repair expenses will be established by the Director of Maintenance and the Director of Administration, at a cost equivalent to the repair and or replacement.

D. Inmates will be financially responsible for all clothing and county issue. Any issue not returned at the time of release will be charged to the inmate’s account.

4. Individuals Responsible for Housing Costs

A. All inmates sentenced to the Lancaster County prison will be responsible for sharing in the cost of their housing, as set forth in the Lancaster County prison Inmate Financial Responsibility Policy, or as modified by other Lancaster County prison Policies. (IE. Work Release program).

B. All inmates who are incarcerated as parole violators are recognized as serving sentences and will be responsible in the same fashion, (They are sentenced by the court, even if technically awaiting the review of their incarceration. Parole violators are NOT pre-trial for purposes of this policy).

C. Effective 21 November 2013, the Lancaster County prison is hereby authorized to utilize a debt collection agency under contract with the County to invoice and collect outstanding debts incurred by inmates while at the Lancaster County Prison and that any additional fees assessed by the contracted debt collection agency shall be assessed to the inmate / former inmate.

5. Fee Structure for Housing Costs

A. At discharge any available funds from an inmate's account will be credited towards their outstanding balance if any, prior to issuing the inmate a discharge check. If any funds are remaining after satisfying the outstanding balance, they will be applied towards the amount due to the county prison for any and all chargeable items, inclusive but not limited to those delineated under this policy directive.

All balances not satisfied through agency collection will be maintained on the inmate's permanent record. If recommitted, the inmate will be required to pay any outstanding balance as previously set forth above.

B. The administrative office, through inmate account deductions, makes payments of 20% of the inmate’s account balance and monthly income for :

I. Restitution

II. Reparation

III. Fees

IV. Costs

V Fines

VI. and / Or Penalties

Associated with criminal proceedings, provided that the inmate has a balance that exceeds $20.00.

C. The administrative office will make deductions from an inmate’s account for the purpose of obeying lawful orders to collect child support payments, as directed by court order.

6. Housing Costs Forgiveness

Any inmate of the Lancaster County Prison who has been assigned to the Inmate Trustee Program while incarcerated shall receive credit for only the days assigned to the ITP program.

7. Inmates will no longer receive hard copy receipts when deposits are made onto their account. Account balances can be confirmed through the inmate phone system. If an inmate requests a print-out of their account they will be charged a $2.00 service fee.