Deed in Trust Index

Deeds in Trusts also known as “Deed of Assignments,” record the voluntary sale of a property to satisfy a debt.  When an individual or business suffered economic hardships or as it was calledsundry losses and misfortunes” they assigned all their property for the benefit of their creditors.  The Archives maintains a separate records series of recorded copies of Deed in Trusts for the years 1825-1938.  Records are indexed separately by assignor (person whose property was sold or assigned) and assignee (person receiving the property).  Beginning in 1939, Deed in Trusts were recorded and indexed in regular deed books.  Original Deed in Trust records may also be available when listed in the notes column of the index. This collection also includes “Bill of Sales” itemizing personal property for payment of debt.  Researchers should also examine regular deeds.  


Deed Trust Index 1825 -1938 Assignee
Deed Trust Index 1825-1938 Assignor