M - Z

  1. Parks & Recreation

    Check out information on the various parks, trails, recreational opportunities, volunteer opportunities, jobs, and programs provided by Lancaster County.

  2. Planning Commission

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Lancaster County Planning Commission.

  3. Property Assessment

    Learn about real estate assessment by the Property Assessment Office.

  4. Purchasing

    Browse through information on the procurement of all goods and services required by the County of Lancaster.

  5. Recorder of Deeds

    A county-wide elected office with a four year term, the Recorder's position is held by Bonnie L. Bowman. Mrs. Bowman has been the County Recorder since 2010. The Recorder of Deeds is responsible for recording documents in two main areas: Real Estate and Uniform Commercial Code. Other documents, such as Military Service Discharges, foreign birth certificates, as well as obscure documents like cattle brands, are also recorded here. All documents, except Military Service Discharges, are public record and are readily available both online and in the office for scrutiny. Records in this office provide data about real estate transactions and historical perspective. Deeds, mortgages, releases, easements, surveys, land plans, restrictions, and road right-of-ways are examples of such documents.Go to the Recorder of Deeds website to search public records or find out information about the Veterans' ID Discount Program. Please use Internet Explorer while searching on the website.

  6. Solicitor’s Office

    View information on the responsibilities of the Lancaster County Solicitor's Office.

  7. Tax Collectors

    Obtain millage rates and view a list of tax collectors in Lancaster County.

  8. Treasurer

    View information on county taxes, licenses, and permits.

  9. Veterans Affairs

    If you're a veteran, check here for information specific to you.

  10. Voter Registration & Board of Elections

    Learn how to register to vote in the county and view information on upcoming elections.