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The Geographic Information System (GIS) Division of the Lancaster County Information Technology Department is responsible for acquiring, maintaining, and distributing spatial data for Lancaster County. The division functions as the backbone of county GIS by providing spatial data products and services to county departments, as well as to the general public.

LanCo View

LanCo View Update

The FEMA Flood Hazard Areas data layer has been removed from the Property Base Map in LanCo View, since it was outdated.  To view updated data, please visit the
FEMA Flood Map Service Center, which you can use to search any address in the nation and view Flood Insurance Rate Maps or an interactive map showing Flood Hazard Areas for that location.

FEMA’s National Flood Hazard Layer site, to use an interactive map showing Flood Hazard Areas and related map layers for any address or place in the nation.

To access information about flood risks, flood insurance, and flood preparation and response, please visit the FloodSmart Site, which is the official site of the National Flood Insurance program.

View GIS Data

LanCo View is the County’s interactive mapping application. Search and view geographic data including parcels, roads, flood plains, and aerial imagery. Start LanCo View 

Get GIS Data

Many Lancaster County GIS datasets are available free of charge on PASDA. You can download GIS Data or Imagery from the PASDA Download Page. Imagery or elevation data can be selected and downloaded using the
Imagery Navigator. Data is also available for purchase in pre-packaged or custom formats for use in GIS or CAD software.

2017 Parcel Viewer Release Dates:

  • 1st Quarter: Available now!
  • 2nd Quarter: June 19. 2017
  • 3rd Quarter: September 18, 2017