Archives Division

Mission Statement
The Lancaster County Archives is committed to the preservation and accessibility of all public archival documents created within the various county department offices.

The Lancaster County Archives was established in 1975 and is the repository for the permanently valuable records produced within the County Courts. Many records within the archives such as wills, deeds, and commissioner minutes date back to the county’s formation in 1729 and survive as tangible documentation of our local history. Due to their age and fragile condition, many records are also available to researchers on microfilm. Historians, genealogists, title searchers, and engineers utilize the records within the archives.

Contacting Archives
If you email Archives and do not receive a response within two to three business days, please follow up by calling 717-299-8319 to make sure we've received your request.

Other Resources
While the Lancaster County Archives maintains an extensive collection, the archives only maintains records which were originally filed or recorded within the Lancaster County Courthouse.  Here is a list of commonly requested records and the resource to find the information: 

In 2010, the Archives moved from the Old Courthouse on North Duke Street to its new location in the basement of the tower of the Lancaster County Government Center on 150 North Queen Street.

Enter the lobby through Chestnut Street entrance of the Lancaster County Government Center and take the elevator to the basement level. Exit the elevators to your left and follow the signs to the archives.

Nearby off street parking is available in the Duke Street, Prince Street, or Water Street parking garages.