Intellectual Disability Administrative Team

Director of Developmental Services
Vicki Bricker

Director of Administrative Entity
Tania Hripto

Director of Supports Coordination
Jennifer Burnette

Intellectual Disabilities Program Planner/Evaluators

  • Al Gantz 
  • Jill Martin
  • Kelly Phelan 
  • Connie Pyle  
  • Carolyn Saulnier

Intellectual Disabilities Unit Supervisors

  • Danielle Brodhecker  
  • Ian Gebhard  
  • Krista Longacre  
  • Joe Morgan  
  • Nathan Rowe
  • Christine Tobin

      Intellectual Disability Program   
150 North Queen Street Lancaster, PA 17601 Suite 515
      Telephone: 717-399-7355  Fax: 717-209-3064

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency that requires immediate attention, 
please contact Crisis Intervention at  717-394-2631.