Getting Involved in Early Intervention

Parent Advisory Network 

The Parent Advisory Network is a way for Early Intervention families to connect with each other, have access to parent trainings, and provide ideas to improve Early Intervention services.

Local Interagency Coordinating Council

The Local Inter-agency Coordinating Council is a group made up of families and Early Intervention professionals who seek to improve the quality of the Early Intervention System and improve how Early Intervention serves the developmental needs of children in Lancaster County.

Child Find Committee

The Child Find Committee is a group made up of families and professionals invested in Early Intervention. Their goal is to make certain that all children and families in need of Early Intervention are aware of the services and are able to access them

Sharing Your Early Intervention Story

​Would you be willing to share your Early Intervention Story with other families who are seeking help regarding their child's development? Please consider contacting us. We can complete a video or write an article that will help other families through their Early Intervention journey. 

For information please contact Early Intervention at 717-399-7323  or email us and request to speak to our Program Specialists. 


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Lancaster County Early Intervention

150 North Queen Street Lancaster, PA 17603 Suite 517

Telephone: 717-399-7323  Fax: 717-399-7396

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency that requires immediate attention, 
please contact Crisis Intervention at  717-394-2631.