Early Intervention: Administration and Provider Agencies

  1.  Administrative Team
  2. Agencies Providing Services

Early Intervention's administrative team is in place to assure that Support Coordinators and Interventionists have the tools they need to provide quality support to families. The administrative team is available to help solve problems, streamline processes and assure that all people involved with Early Intervention are happy with their experience and the child's developmental progress. We encourage any member of the team (families, staff and interventionists) to share their concerns, questions and ideas so that Early Intervention continues to meet the developmental needs of our community. 

Early Intervention Administrative Team: 

   Deputy Director of Early Intervention Services
                  Jan Baily, Jbaily@co.lancaster.pa.us  

    Early Intervention Program Specialist
                 Misty Bowman, BowmanM@co.lancaster.pa.us
                 Marlene Jennings, JenningM@co.lanaster.pa.us

    Early Intervention Unit Supervisors
                         Angela Schreck, Aschreck@co.lancaster.pa.us
                         Laurie Moore, MooreL@co.lancaster.pa.us
                         Christopher Good, Goodc@co.lancaster.pa.us

  Lancaster County Early Intervention
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