Joshua Parsons, Vice-Chairman

Josh Parsons is a public servant who has served as an U.S. Army Infantry Officer, a prosecutor, Lancaster County Clerk of Courts, and now as a Lancaster County Commissioner.  He has earned a reputation as a no-nonsense leader, fiscal conservative, and take-charge executive.

Josh is fighting for greater efficiency and effectiveness in government.  By partnering with other stakeholders, his efforts to reform the criminal justice system in Lancaster County and make it more efficient resulted in major changes.  These reforms, which are some of the biggest changes to the Lancaster County criminal justice system in decades, are saving significant taxpayer resources and have won Josh praise from throughout Lancaster County.

Prior to being elected Commissioner and Clerk of Courts, Josh served in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office where he quickly earned a reputation as a tough prosecutor.  He worked on thousands of criminal cases, including homicides.  He fought side by side with police to protect the public and get justice for victims.  Josh was the District Attorney’s representative to the Special Emergency Response Team, which is tasked with emergency operations such as hostage rescue missions.  He also served in the Felony Drug Unit, which prosecutes drug dealers.  Skilled in the courtroom, Josh has taught as an instructor for a trial advocacy class at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law for a number of years.  Josh also recognizes that justice must be balanced with mercy and that we must explore new ways to stop recidivism – he was a founding member of the Lancaster County Veterans Court team, which provides a second chance to veterans.

Josh is also a former soldier.  The Army reinforced the values Josh learned growing up here in Lancaster County – integrity, responsibility, and service.  As an Infantry Lieutenant he served as a Rifle Platoon Leader and then Executive Officer of an Infantry Company.  After promotion to Captain, Josh was appointed one of four primary staff officers for a battalion of 870 soldiers.  He supervised all logistical operations for the Battalion, which was made up of 350 vehicles and over $138 million in equipment.  Among his many decorations are the Expert Infantryman’s Badge and the Army Parachutist Badge – awarded for becoming an Army paratrooper. 

Josh understands the value of hard work and education: he has had many jobs, including as a janitor, and he has earned scholarships along the way.  He is a graduate of the Penn State Dickinson School of Law, where he earned a full merit scholarship and the University of Delaware, where he earned an Army ROTC scholarship.  In addition to various Army leadership courses, Josh has also completed Harvard University’s Driving Government Performance: Leadership Strategies that Produce Results, a program for senior leaders in the public sector. 

Josh and his wife feel blessed to live, work, and raise their family in Lancaster County.

Josh Parsons
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